Meditation Exercises

Why meditate?

Research, 12-step programs, and personal experience strongly advocate breathing meditation for calming a brain under stress. A brain under stress can easily misinterpret a stress challenge as a threat. Mindful meditation is a powerful practice that promotes healing and change. The 11th Step suggests prayer and meditation as way to connect with God to discover what we are to do next. Meditation 'clears the circuits' so we can receive instructions. Simply stated, the use of controlled breathing in the meditation calms the nervous system down. When we are anxious, we can lose the connection to our brain's executive functioning, the prefrontal cortex. The brain is left with only three defensive options: fight, flee or freeze. We can lose our way, our goals, our focus and find that the fear is threatening our sobriety. Mindful meditation with controlled breathing reconnects us to our vital executive functioning. Then we can make informed, healthy recovery choices. 

Learning breathing meditation, and practicing it daily, will equip your brain and therefore your mind, to function under stress.

I created four mindful meditation videos that are on my YouTube channel. Use them daily to train your brain for change.


You can access the meditation exercises here!