Serenity Prayer Workbook

Many a 12-Stepper recites the Serenity Prayer at meetings and privately, but they do so merely by rote (i.e., the mechanical repetition of something so that it is remembered, often without real understanding of its meaning or significance).

As powerful as the prayer is, the recovering person typically has little opportunity to learn how to tap into that power. The Serenity Prayer Workbook was designed to remedy this dilemma. It was birthed from a workshop I created and presented in San Jose, CA. The participants asked for such a workbook, so in response, here it is!

This workbook introduces a method that can be used in all of life's challenges and is a tool to teach you how to take life on life's terms.

As any recovering person knows, the 12th Step teaches that the principles of the Steps are to be practiced in all the affairs of life. This workbook will add a tool to help you do just that.

This workbook is ideal for someone in recovery who wishes to go deeper in his or her relationship with a Higher Power.

  • It can be used alone as a personal study.
  • It can be used with a sponsor as an assignment for Step 11.
  • It can be used with a group.
    • Used with others as a retreat.
    • Used alone and then sharing the answers in a group.
    • Used online with a recovering friend.

Serenity Prayer Workbook

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